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The Mutiny
eCommerce Website Redesign
& Branding Update

Semi-Professional Paintball Team

The Mutiny has been playing all of the major paintball leagues around the nation for the last decade. I've always had a love for the sport and knew there were few professionally designed team webistes out there. Capitalizing on that love, I designed, what I think to be one of the best paintball team websites.

Video by Paintball Channel on YouTube

What I Worked On

I approached the team with a proposal to redesign their eCommerce website. They initially had a simple Shopify theme design before I took over. I used design elements that they had from previous years to put together a concept that I think will draw a lot more attention and help drive product sales. To do this, I put some of their existing designs onto photo realistic clothing mockups making the overall design aesthetic cleaner and cooler to look at.

Technologies Used

  • photoshop icon Photoshop
  • illustrator icon Illustrator
  • xd icon XD

Site Design